Bath Screen

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A bath shower screen provides you with the luxury of a bath and the convenience of a shower. Not only is it more stylish but it also keeps you away from the hassle of dealing with shower curtains that get dirty easily and usually end up with mildew on them. Much more superior to bath curtains, bath shower screens ensure that as little water as possible gets onto your bathroom floor and they are fast taking over from the age old shower curtains.

At Bath Vision we have a staggering collection of Bath Shower screens. With a lot of experience behind us and numerous prestigious projects to our credit, we are confident that we can be the one stop solution for any requirement that you may have. Hailed as a pioneer in this industry, we ensure excellence in the design and engineering of bath shower screens.

Whether your bathroom is big or small, whether you seek simple practicality or sophisticated luxury, you will find that Bath Vision collection of Bath Shower screens to be perfect for your every need. You can opt from our wide range of models, handles and fittings and create your very own unique bath shower screen. We not only have standard designs, but we can also customize orders to suit your exact requirements so that your bath showers screen echoes your personal style statement.

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Bathroom shower screens allow you to enjoy the comfort of a relaxing bath along with the convenience of a shower. They give you freedom from messy and cumbersome shower curtains. Your new bathroom shower screen will prevent water from splashing onto your bathroom floor, so you can comfortably avoid nasty accidents and near-misses.

However, choosing the right bathroom shower screen can be tricky. One has to be careful not to get stuck with a cheap, flimsy design that is fragile and needs to be changed every other year. Also, there can be a little apprehension when buying a high-end bathroom shower screen without proper guidance. If this is your situation, Bath Vision has the solution you need.

Bath Vision offers you a wide range of bathroom shower screens, and can help you find one that matches your requirements. You can choose from glass, frameless, and folding bathroom shower screens. All our bathroom shower screens are shower tray and wet room compatible. We strive to impress you with not only high quality products, but also timely assistance and product delivery. We can also take on bespoke assignments, and manufacture a bathroom shower screen according to your specifications.

So now that you know that you are in the best hands with us what's stopping you? Get in touch with us by sending us a mail at or call us at (646) 893-8414 for that elegant bathroom that you've always wanted.

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